Sunday, January 21, 2007

You get used to it

Hey y'all.

I'm getting used to life in the U.S. The novelties that in the beginning constantly reminds you that you are not livning in Sweden any more are sinking in. What was not logical has become logical, from the new perspective of things. And what yet still is not logical has been accepted as the way things are. Then life sort of converges to an every day life iteration. But that is an iteration that is always breakable as long as you remeber to remember that it is.

About getting used to things. A couple of swedish friends of mine have lately been complaining a lot about how how tough and boring life is (It's not you Karl-Oscar :) , though your post made me think about it). A little bit of this is part of the swedish attitude. It's part of social practice to complain a little about the state of things. This makes me want to introduce to the reader a not very well known swedish singer, and a song that artfully embraces this attitude, and brings it to the point of excess:

Kjell Höglund - Man vänjer sig
(Unfortunately only in Swedish)

This song usually makes me snap out of it, when I've momentarily stuck in the pattern of thinking that life is in an unrepairable rut.



Karl Oskar said...

OMG, YouTube is really the best since Sliced Bread(tm), Kjell Höglund live...

Beware, or I'll post a translation of it as well!

Robert said...

I want to, but I decided I'm not going to dare you.