Saturday, September 13, 2008

R.E.M. in Tallinn - tag your pictures and take part in the crowd

This Thursday we went to the R.E.M. concert in Tallinn (see also Ängelmedhorn, navelfluff, and Kulturbloggen), a really great event. The girlfriend is undecisive about whether sound quality at Saku Suurhall was actually much better than usual this time, or if it is that she knew all the lyrics by heart so could sit around even though sound was crap. I made sure to get a fitting T-shirt from the support band We are scientists which made a quite decent warm-up act. This time I didn't make money from my participation though. :-)

One fun thing with the event (except for the nice music and the fancy stage line of course) was that they on TV screens encouraged visitors to "tag your flickr pictures with #remestonia and they will show up at". Not that very many seem to have followed their suggestion, but in a place like London with a bigger audience and a few more nerds even recording video, it creates an amazing base for letting the crowd document events and mash it all up in a spectacular video later. Just think of putting craptastic cell phone videos through a photosynth of sorts, use the professionally recorded sound and replay the event from a hundred angles at once. People, please, start your tagging! Together, at any event, tag, share, and mashup!

Let's end this post with the beautiful song Man on the Moon about the sad clown Andy Kaufman:


Filip Laurits said...

Gud vad kul med denna blogg! Jag är själv från Göteborg, är halvest och såg REM i Globen! Så kul att de kom till Tallinn!

Carl-Johan Sveningsson said...

Haha, så knasigt att du hamnat här då, och vad kul att du gillar det!

Du får väl läsa igenom resten av bloggen med då, det var ju ett tag sedan jag flyttade hit.

Hur ser din estniska bakgrund ut då? Jag har blivit rätt fascinerad av estnisk modern historia, inte minst kan det lära en en del om folk, och ger en variant på det svenska som man alltid tagit för givet. Kommentera gärna igen!