Thursday, January 18, 2007

All quiet on the eastern front

As work is super busy right now and my hands are kind of aching from typing some four pages of technical text and doing several urgently needed illustrations for my somewhat confused (and stressed!) coworkers... I don't particularly feel to write much in my pitifully neglected blog. Seriously, Robert, your house was demolished and you got a 740?! Cool...

So, for a funny story I heard of:

Jan 15, 2007
TALLINN - Caretakers of a medieval citadel in Rakvere, northeast Estonia, were left embarrassed after the Swedish flag was hoisted above the castle tower instead of Estonia’s national strip on Jan. 12.
The mistake was noticed by outside observers, who quickly called the operators of the Rakvere castle museum to alert them of the apparent invasion.
The error came about due to an apparent similarity between the Swedish flag and the flag of Rakvere city, which has a similar design.
To mark the anniversary of Rakvere’s liberation in the 1918-1920 War of Independence, the city’s flag was to be hoisted above the castle.
The error was corrected in a matter of hours.

It kind of feels like I am getting into a bit of a routine here in Estonia now. A new hamster wheel? Well, I don't mind particularly, and all the hard work is keeping me busy and reasonably happy. My hopes are it will pay off nicely in a while of course. What could I write of interest? Of course I still would want to write that thing about my impressions of Estonia, and work is still super exciting and we've made much progress toward actually managing customers... but that's about it.

Except we need to find a new apartment by early summer at latest. We're probably buying. How many adult points did a shared mortgage score now again?


Robert said...

Shared mortage.. 2682 adult points.
I guess you win ;)

Ikko said...

haha att köpa en lägenhet är ungefär lika med tant/gubbarvarning men jag gillar dig ändå! ;-)

jobba inte ihjäl dig!

Karl Oskar said...

Tack... :-) Vi får väl se hur det går med det.

Jag försöker låta bli.