Thursday, January 11, 2007

To be continued

What happened that Christmas was that everyone from the Bergmansion went home to Sweden again, except for Walker who is also staying in the US for some more months.

Walker, and our main character Robert, moved to their own respective apartments during the second week of December. Robert then caught a flight to spend some time with his relatives and friends in Sweden.

The Bergmansion was demolished, leaving a $1,1M patch of dirt and gravel, and many fond memories of all the fun it was living there that summer.

Robert came back to Sillicon Valley and realized that it was time to get a car, and that still the American dream car was not in his budget. So he got the next best thing...

..a Volvo 740 wagon.

He also got a good start with his thesis work. The deparment and managers are eagerly waiting for the tools his ideas will spawm. Unfortunately (or maybe not), to protect his employer, he is unable to tell you much of the details.

And so the adventures continue, as the world turns and brings us into the new year..


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