Friday, August 25, 2006

On the purpose of this blog

Catching up some on the writing, I probably should explain some about what this blog is, and why it is so.

During my years in college I have seen plenty of the daring globetrotter kind, who travel around the world just to sign up for another international exchange student program, don't seem to miss the family back in India too badly as they cope through a Gothenburg winter and think it's a great idea to work as an airline stewardess to be able to afford the two degrees they are working for, one in Sweden and one in Japan. Let's just say I am not of this kind.

I happened to find my girlfriend in Estonia, and as things were in our lives it seemed a better option for me to move and start my career there, than for her to move to Sweden and try to work something out there. Besides, in Estonia companies are fighting each other to acquire competence such as mine while in Sweden my girlfriend could possibly look forward to a job in a kindergarten or anything equally fulfilling. The choice was an easy one but nevertheless the process is very exciting and I wanted to document it.

My friend from Chalmers (Robert, as we chose to call him, after the character in "the Emigrants" by Vilhelm Moberg) has simultaneously (or somewhat earlier actually) found a thesis position in an exciting Silicon Valley technology company. As outlooks are now, Robert will be there at least six to nine months and I personally wanted to hear his stories of life in the Land of the Free, so why not let you here them as well?

We figured we'd write a blog, and we'd write in english, to make our stories available to as many as possible of both old and new friends. As we work in professional contexts and as little as possible want to expose our friends or corporations involved, we will anonymize all posts as far as is reasonable. We hope you here will find two interesting stories, similar and yet very different in both style and experiences. Enjoy!

Karl-Oskar, butchering a common friend

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