Thursday, August 10, 2006

Arrival in the US

It's Aug 4. My apartment in Gothenburg has been cleared out. Everything that has not gone home to my parents is packed into two pieces of luggage. The annual festival has just started, and I am out on the town with some friends until 2 am before I go to sleep. At 4 am I get up again, barely awake. I leave my keys with Erik, my neighbor who has his own reasons for being up at this hour. Thanks for all the help btw Erik.

I board the transfer flight to Amsterdam at Landvetter. Of course, fate, or Murphy, or whoever you put your faith in, finds it suitable to place an infant with loud cravings for attention in the seat just behind mine. Dammit!

I have a travel present with me I got from my friend Simon: "Tage Daniels paket", which I during the flight would discover to be a brilliant collection of writings by Swedish comedian and author Tage Danielsson. The pieces are written in the 60's and prior, but they have a taste of timelessness, and a hint of old style and ingenious use of Swedish. Thanks man, it was great. I definitely think we should stay up all night drinking Absinthe and discuss the meaning of life again sometime :)

There is some kind of personal media player mounted in front of every chair on the Airbus A330 which is to depart from Schiphol.

I browse a little, find an old favorite move, "Fight Club", and begin to watch it. But no! I can't believe it. There is a damn kid in the seat behind me on the transatlantic flight as well. Luckily this one calms down after takeoff. Some airplane-food and a beer later and I wake up while the fasten seatbelts sign turns on during landing.

I ended up living in the famous (and comfy) sofa at The Bergman’s for a while.
It's a typical house in the well kept and expensive, but still typical American suburban city, of Palo Alto. In the heart of what is called Silicon Valley, the sprouting grounds of the IT revolution, located some 20 miles south of San Francisco. I'm told Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers, lives just down the street.

I'll get back soon with the story of my first day at work.


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