Sunday, August 27, 2006

Home again - the final time?

There, I am back in Gothenburg again after a week in Estonia. Just so you know it, this is what you will go through purgatory for in Tallinn airport:

I was called all the way back to check-in from the gate to open my bag (they wanted to see that it was not 80% vodka), I got to cut through the security check line, belt off, computer out, empty pockets, metal detector, arms out, fill pockets, belt on, show passport, cut in line at gate (Estonian style, yeah!) and got a great seat behind the wing. Stressful but bearable experience, good thing I don't smuggle as much drugs as I used to.

The rest of the trip was nothing out of the ordinary, except FlyNordic have seriously shaky pilots, and that it was delightful to hear 6-year old Nathalie in the seat in front of me ARN-GOT giggle with glee as we took off and saw the clouds from above. Her dad did superbly in making her enthusiastic rather than scared of flying.

Being in Estonia was great, we went sightseeing to a beautiful (make-out) lookout, an amazing island in the gulf of Finland which used to be fortified by the soviets, etc. As far as work goes, I'm cancelling my apartment now - FindYourself have made me an excellent offer and Revalbank surprisingly led on to CoolSecurity™, an upstarter company I can't write too much about, except they have hold of a pretty serious holy grail they want to commercialize. CoolSecurity want me to write a part of their whitepaper as a test task, I will be up to my ears in work the next couple of weeks, it is a super-hard decision to make and I still have to cope with writing my thesis project... but it's all bliss compared to not having anywhere to go.

Time to sleep now, might write more about my options and ask for your opinions some other day.

P.S. In the fashion of other great bloggers, this will be my "quit smoking"-blog as well. It's doing quite fine since three weeks now. The other night I dreamt I smoked, and last weekend when tipsy I really wanted a cigarrette. That's more or less all. Robert, are you managing without the snus?


Arto said...

That looks like a handy bag to have. 5 litres of wodka? nice. Well i have to go to estonia then to pick some of that up :P

Good for you that you are holding off the smokes. Though i have started to smoke when I am drinking. Bad habit, but im not gonna stop unless i feel like it :P

Karl Oskar said...

It is! I would have bought some Souza Gold Tequila as well but couldn't bother, figured I wouldn't have time to party it up before moving anyhow. If you're visiting me, I'm selling a few of those ten bottles, it's not like I am gonna gulp down five litres.

Dude, seriously, do not, I repeat, DO NOT make a habit out of party smoking. What you say about "not gonna stop unless I feel like it" is not only the first, but the fifth-sixth sign of a growing addiction. Take it from one who knows, stay away from smoking. It is an uncomfortable habit to have.

Arto said...

Well actually, I can skip party smoking and still feel good. So I don't see it as a problem. I have control and I have no ambition to start smoking on a higher level so... But you are right of course. I should stop it. But as I said, I have control and I like to keep it that way..

So if we party in Estonia sometimes you may have to deal with me party smoking ;)

Karl Oskar said...

Famous last words... :-)

And of course I know how obnoxiously unarguable my advice are, but indeed, don't overestimate your ability to withstand addiction.