Monday, December 04, 2006

A piece of true swedish culture

Or as he himself so fittingly would have put it, had the worms not been feasting on him by now; "this giant, among giants". Let me humbly bring you a small but great piece of swedish culture, Ernst-Hugo Järegård:

Fig 1: "Postbanken", a loved and hated commercial

Fig 2: "Danskdjävlar" part 1, probably quotations from the series "Riket"

(Yeah, sorry, I know I said I would write about Estonia... but this simply had to get through now. :-) )


Robert said...

Ernst-Hugo is my hero

Karl Oskar said...

He's the hero of us all. :-) I should really listen to his readings of some Lovecraft stories as audio books... can it ever be bad? :-)