Thursday, December 07, 2006

Finally, a small step for our quasi-norwegian?

03:30 Swedish time, 04:30 Estonian time, I definitely plan to stay awake and see it.

I hope everyone realize, that it was now roughly ten years ago since Killinggänget made fun of Fuglesang in "Percy tårar" because he'd already waited so long to actually get out in space. Tonight might put an end to that giggling.


Anonymous said...

Klistej Blydgeslang var det han blev kallad av Kapten Klänning, vad?

Karl Oskar said...

Whiii, du har en katt-blogg!

I'm excitedly watching the web re-runs of the launch-watch now, but yeah... Klistej Blygdeslang or something. Actually, I was so enthousiastic to see the other day, the SVT web archive is just insane:

Ikko said...

Var han vaken?!?!?! Jag lyckades med mästerverket att vara vaken både när det blev ett NO Go och när det lev ett GO! ;-)

Mycket spännande. allt väl?

Karl Oskar said...

Wow, no, I was watching "Lord of war" with a friend and went to bed entirely forgetting about the launch. So cool though, I'm mesmerized by the whole thing.

Yes, all is well, I'm starting to have time enough to actually enjoy things here as well. Today I'm sitting home working very hard though. :-) *hugs*

Robert said...

This is kinda cool...

"Kära elsa.."