Thursday, December 07, 2006

Congratulations Robert!

Is it time yet? Nah!!! Congratulations dude!

PS. XSLT is a twisted language - XML transformation written in XML... in XML... in XML... You can tell I'm still at work?


Robert said...

Thanks man. I guess being in California also saved me from having to drink the oterwise inevitable Bäsk :)

Karl Oskar said...

Oh no no no... that can be delivered retroactively as well, as long as people remember you fled it. :-D

So you're only 23? You're not planning to come home for Christmas, or how was it? I'm probably spending new year in Gbg, and if there's one single little thing I miss here in Estonia... it's you bunch of bastards. :-)

Karl Oskar said...

... which means, I would want you and the others on Skype at least, do you have it?

Robert said...

Laugh! :) I'll be visiting the old little town from where I once came (and the age of the phone modem internet). Looking forward to it. Two weeks of really slow life.
I also look forward to go to Estonia some day and see your new life and what the city is like.

As for calling, since I am hardly ever at home, and Skype doesnt work very well at work its sorta tricky to phone me on the cheap. I have a workaround for that which is due to be implemented when I return to the office after new years.

Speaking of phone modems. I recently had an experience with an ATM that was kind of interesting. I swipe my card and enter my pin.. the machine tells me to wait.. then I hear the dial tones and the modem sounds.. and get to wait for a minute before the cash is dispensed... it made me happy to hear the comforting electronic tunes I listened to so often during my early teens :)