Friday, September 01, 2006

Taking risks

Hey guys. Its good to hear that you are enjoying yourselves back home. I've heard from many friends this week, and it makes me glad to know that I am missed.
I have a lot on my mind right now, work mostly, that keeps my thoughs from going off in all directions. But another month here and I may have had a chance to catch up with myself.
Right now in any case, I like it a lot. Some moments it feels like I've always been here, like I would have felt two months ago in my apartment in Gothenburg. It is interesting how the mind works. How creative flow creates itself when you have allowed the mind to relax for a while. How somethimes it's so good to take a break just to think the thoughts saved for later, to bring your feel for things up to speed with recent events.

I had some thoughts about taking risks recently, and I wanted to share them with you all.
I have always trusted myself when it comes to deciding when to go for something or not. That I have not always been right is of course more easily learned from the cases when I have chosen to go for something that turned out to be a disappointment.
I can, however, not recall a single occation were I regret the choice I have made, since all of them have given me life experience impossible to put a price tag on, made me rethink some of choices, and selected some new ones that turned out to be great.
My conclusion is simply that I should take more risks, because as long as it is I who want to take them, as long as I have no one else to blame for influencing me, they will always eventually turn out to be the right choice.

And I am fine without nicotine. I don't need the snus, it's just nice to have one every once in a while. Considering that I may order it untaxed from Sweden, making it cheaper here, I still don't know if I am going to quit or not. I don't think it's that much of a big deal right now. That's not were my kicks come from.

And K.O, about the job, I most definitly think you should go with your gut.



Karl Oskar said...

Thank you so much for your distinct and helpful advice. Gut feeling... bah. :-D

We figured you were pretty busy. Do you enjoy the work? I so should send you the whitepaper I'm writing for CoolSecurity, I'm sure you would love it!

About taking risks... yeah, it matters whether you are forced into a shitty situation or whether you knowingly wander into it. This chance of a job isn't necessarily as much about taking a risk as about weighing the benefits, but I do think both me and many others would be happier people if they dared more. :-) As you say, you gain invaluable experience, and it's rarely it hurt as much as you worry it might.

About nicotine, I'm feeling great without it, but I made a silly thing in buying nicotine-free snus! It's not snus, but it's really nice just to have something there under the lip at times. :-D

Robert said...

Sometimes gut is just your best advisor. Particulary when deciding is hard. The risk taking philosophy is perhaps not that applicable in your case where you have two options to choose from which both mean a lot of change will happen. You are getting on the train either way, so to speak.

Yes it's pretty busy right now. Lots of new stuff. New country, new job, new social circle. Well, you know.

Sure, could be interesting to read that paper.

Yes I've tried that stuff. And over here decafinated coffe is common. I keep thinking why. I mean if I can't have the real thing then why bother :)

Petter, hemma och i österled said...

Can you order snus without paying Swedish tax? When I think about it, it's quite logical, otherwise Absolut wouldn't be so great a brand worldwide but I think our embassy in Singapore said I would have to pay both custom fees and tax... they probably meant Singaporean tax. Where do you order snus from to get the tax-reduction with as little bureaucracy as possible?