Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm all lost in the supermarket

Haven't written that much in a while. Work becomes a routine quickly and has its way with most of my time and energy right now. So far I am content with that. I guess that is the way it should be. I am also saving some good stuff until I have time and want to put it down properly.

I rented a Pt Cruiser today to do some shopping at the mall and get more familiar with the area.
Since I am under 25 I had to pay almost twice the usual amount per day. Almost all rental companies have a similar policy. It made me think twice but I decided to go with it anyway, mostly by thinking to myself that "Hey what the hell. Let's do it." I am amazed how easily I managed to convince myself this time :)
Never the less I wish some people would god damn lern how to drive so I don't have to pay for their mistakes. I've heard a few things about American cars and was surprised with how well it handled. I would describe the feeling of driving it as 'mellow'. Kinda like ham or soft cheese. I invite you to try and imagine that.

I had to have some music of course, but I didn't have time to get much of my music collection copied to my laptop before I left, lyckily there are some good radio stations in the area.

"I'm all lost in the supermarket" with The Clash was playing as I drove around trying to find a parking spot in the garage next to Stanford Mall.
Stanford mall is a shopping center just outside of Stanford campus, and quite an expensive place.
It's all about big brands like Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Levi's, neatly piled folded and piles clothes, fruit arranged item by item in neat little pyramids. Designer watches, perfumes, suits, furniture, and well pretty much anything that you might want to part with a few extra bucks to brand yourself with.

I walk in to one of the big gallerias and head for the Home & Beds section. Suddenly my vocabulary feels inadequate. I've only had this feeling twice since I came here. Now, and when I was discussing foreign policies with my Indian colleague Anmol. What a giveaway :) The store person was helpful though.
I explain my 'situation' and she gives me a tour of what sizes of beds are common, how they are usually made here, and most importantly, what the words for different things are. I leave content and a couple of hundred bucks poorer.

Tonight we are having the customary barbeque at home in the 'Bergmansion'. I'll invite you all anytime you would happen to drop by Palo Alto :)

Take care.


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