Saturday, September 02, 2006

Surreal dreams from a foreign country

You know, I was thinking of whether it is hard for pilots to handle their checklists and learn them by heart. Pilots hardly can bring them out to have a look the hundredth time they're doing a start or landing, they would be ridiculed?

If pilots indeed learn those complex sequences by heart, it must be a heck of a frustration if you change country, company or plane type, to have to re-learn the routines, perhaps even in another language!

So say for example a pair of russian pilots enlist on an american submarine, and the captain order them to bring him a fish sandwich. They would be terribly confused, perhaps think of the pancake-making-machine (incidentally looking like a DJ's booth with two turntables where the pancakes are fried) they have stowed away in a dark corner of the sub. Of course they wouldn't dare to clear up this language confusion right away, but waited an entire week before they dragged the machine out to the captain. That isn't even close to a fish sandwich and by then, gosh they're in trouble!

Last night I dreamt I was hiding somewhere in the grass behind the old sewing facory on the road to CoolSecurity and was caught in a shotgun fight. Of course it was way too much of a distance for hitting anything with a shotgun, and my experience with that heavy weaponry is rather limited... so they caught up with me, disarmed and mugged me. Nightmares usually doesn't disturb me all that much, but you know sometime the feeling of a nightmare just persist, and I felt like the chock and humiliation of being mugged really clung to my thought this morning...

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