Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lost in the pancake

I guess this should have been expected, getting my Master degree is after all what I had been working for for a long time. And then it showed up in the mailbox:

Don't get me wrong, the ring as well as my diploma I am so happy and proud about that to anyone else it would probably border to the silly, but they are also distinctive signs that my university days are over. It is a closed chapter and I will not go back to Chalmers, probably not to Gothenburg either. Friends are dissipating all over the world and here I am, constantly hearing a language I barely understand and I am getting more comfortable with English than my good old Swedish and yeah... it does make one feel a bit... lost in the pancake.

A couple of weeks ago Laserdavid came here for a weekend visit and I don't think he would disagree in that it was a pretty amazing weekend. So to all of you old homies, wherever you are, I will remember and somewhat miss those old days, but now is also time to embrace something new. Regrettably it seems impossible to embrace both old and new at the same time.

Gothenburg and the old friends feels particularly far away when I heard Rydis is gone somewhere and people are missing him. Heck, I do too and hope he is well. But do the Basvrak even exist any longer? Should they? Do I need to care? Nevermind, that's just my obligation-driven thinking speaking.

Anyway, things are fine here, everything is busy as ever and even if the above chunk of sentimentality seemed sad, I'm still extremely happy I moved here. From here on, up, up and beyond!

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Robert said...

Congratulations man! You sure earned it. I must say I envy you. If I had that degree right now I would think twice about going back to Gothenburg.

The things I miss the most back there are a few very good friends and family, the electronics club, bright summer nights, the forest, the archipelago and Swedish breakfast.

Beyond that degree lies the true adventure.