Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Estonia vs. Sweden

Just to tease you all a little bit, and perhap to explain why this post has been not happening for so long... I give you, the points on which I plan to comment on Estonia vs. Sweden:

- Rich and poor

- Politics

- Nazis and communists

- Sexism

- Alcohol consumption

- Entertainment

- Housing

- Work market

- Insurances

- Celebrities

- Humor

So, feel free to post your prejudice in the comments already!


Robert said...

I must say I'm very curious about this. I have very few preconcieved notions about the life and culture in Estonia. I pretty much only know the things you told me about.

Robert said...

I just thought of one thing that's wierd with the US when it comes to humor. Irony. It just doens't fly with many of the Americans. At least around where I am. They just get confused. And on my part, some of the cheesy humour they have to lighten up their every day situations is just too flat. And I am to honest to fake laugh. So I'm pretty sure I appear like a piece of rock to some of them. My jokes work fine on US scandinavians though.