Friday, October 06, 2006

Winter in California

Yesterday, it rained for the first time since I came here. That means 'winter' has arrived. There are only two distinguishable seasons here. 'Summer' is when it's hot and doesn't rain for months, and 'winter' when it's around 5-15 degrees Celsius during the day, and it showers on average at least once a day. By that definition, summer here is generally from early April to late October.

There is never any snow in this valley. If you want some you could go to Tahoe, a skiing resort in the mountains some hours drive from here, and try to learn how to ski. Then you might decide if you really miss the cold or not. YSC has a cabin up there for Scandinavians that grow restless with the subtropical clime in the valley.

This weekend I was in Gilroy, the garlic capital. Ever heard of garlic ice-cream?
It wasn't that bad actually, but there is certainly a reason for why you probably haven't heard of it.

I also of course want to congratulate Karl Oskar for his achievements and the opportunity he has accepted. I foresee that the journey he is about to embark on will be a very interesting one, and look forward to hear about the things that will happen along the road. I wish I could have been there for the party, but I know that when time is right, there will be another party, in Estonia, Sweden or maybe even in the US. I'm glad you picked the adventurous path. I know I would have :)

Meanwhile it looks like I'll be staying in California until next fall, and when I finish my last courses at Chalmers, I too will soon be looking for a startup company. I want to try that life at least once and I'm not quite ready to get stuck at a one of the big hierarchically organized colossus corporations in my industry. The one I am working for now is not such a company, but it's growing very fast and has needed to address some of the structural demands that come with maintaining an organization of a couple of thousand people. Tree years ago, they were about 200 and since then the market has all but exploded. The first 50 employees or so, probably never have to work again if they don't want to.

For me it's not so much about money, but about doing something I like, something that is challenging enough, and something that makes a difference to many people. If I could be in a position that makes me the light that inspires others to believe in and pursue their ideas, then there is where I want to be at.
I guess adventures teach you what's really important in your own world, and that is in the end, all that matters. I'd say that's the kind of selfishness everyone can afford.



Karl Oskar said...

Thank you for the congratulations and well-wishes, it's nice to be remembered. :-)

I just cancelled all of the things like electricity, tv-license, phone and internet (those damn scavengers demand three months notice!)... just out of curiosity, how did you decide to manage the change of address? Are you registered in Sweden with someone who takes care of your mail, or do you suppose everything will be forwarded to the US?

Karl Oskar said...

I just wanted you to know that if you're not already, you definitely should become a member of filmtipset. And that's an order!

Arvid interjected that if one wants to know what movies Robert like it's simple: Midgetporn and animated atrocities.

Arvid is adorable in his chef apron by the way. :-)

Robert said...

Officially, I am registered at my parents house so they take care of my mail.
About filmtipset, well there is not a lot of movie-watching going on over here, and there is not a lot of time to put in to a community about films either. I'll have to say -eventually- :)

Robert said...

Ok so I was wrong. It hasn't rained more then maybe 5 times since I arrived, and now its soon February. Anyway well its a strange year, because of El Nino, people say. It's much cooler though, as noted by recent entries.