Thursday, October 05, 2006

"It's pulling together", as the girl said

Whooosh... the days are rushing by fast oh so fast. I haven't had the time to write about it, but sunday the 24th I got this:

"I am happy to tell you that our offer for you to work for CoolSecurity is still in full strength. We all, Stellan, Alexander, and myself, are quite convinced that you would fit into our start-up culture. You have demonstrated enough of your skills already. No further action on your side is needed. Of course, we would still need to decide about your contract no matter we have more or less gone over the terms of it already during your visit. So, please let us know about your decision regarding to our offer soon."

Which was of course super-cool, with some feedback I had from various directions I decided to opt for CoolSecurity, gave them my yes and FindYourself my (very sincere) "sorry, not this time". So, just waiting to arrange contract stuff with them there...

Then I held my thesis presentation in-house last thursday, it was very well received and everyone loved the fruit-cake I made. Tell me if you're curious to see my 1337 powerpoint skillz (or read about my thesis project for that matter).

Now I'm busy busy busy, working hard to finish the thesis report, have gotten started with my one-month employment and am finalizing the product I've been working on all along. Am cancelling apartment, electricity, phone... I feel like a car or something (not intended for the purpose) at a skijump hill which has just been pushed out of that little hut. It's now too late to go back, it's time to aim forward and push the throttle to make it a gracious jump.

Anyway, back to business, two things! :

- Thesis presentation, thursday 19/10 at the ungodly hour of 8:00, at Chalmers, room ES61. Be there if you feel like it.

- Thesis, graduation and emigration party!, I'm having some trouble deciding when and how, either it's gonna be now 20/10 if I find a good place to keep it, or saving it to 3/11. The first date is the only one when my baby can be there so friends have an opportunity to definitely see who I'm leaving them for... while I most probably should be finished with my entire degree only at the later date. Any opinions? :-)

Back to writing, busy, busy, busy...

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