Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Muhu Fish Café (Kala Kohvik) - adorably simple and good

What is a fish café? Why create a fish café? How does a fish café work?

Regardless, as we're travelling through Noarootsi, to Haapsalu and then Saaremaa across Muhu by car, we decided to make a quick stop at the Muhu fish café.

The small old man behind the counter is apologizing for not being an experienced waiter. He has spent his life as a long-distance freight sailor but now he's retired to fishing for the café, fresh fish which his wife cooks. And of course being a slightly clumsy but very pleasant waiter.

At 250 EEK we filled our bellies with fish pie, fish soup, fish patties and pan-fried flat-fish with potatoes, a cup of herbal tea, black tea and finally some homey pancakes and make-do takeaway coffee cup. It was simple, and delicious.

The Muhu fish café is located just on the south side along road 10 across Muhu. It's well worth a stop.

(PS. Being in Estonia, of course they have free WiFi here as well)

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Heidi Park said...

this looks like an authentic estonian experience. can't wait to try out the restaurant!