Tuesday, April 28, 2009

1st of May - let's make it our Estonia!

Just a minor notice to curb the emptiness gripping this blog. I simply don't have the time to blog nearly as much as I would want, and so be it. But this Friday anyway, the "Let's do it!" group "My Estonia" project is coming up - forming thousands of one-day think tanks to brainstorm great ideas in various areas for the civic development of Estonia. You don't have to believe that it will change the world, but I am anyway immensely impressed with the scale of it, wish them all the luck (because I can't participate myself) and would love to see more things like this in the world. Civic involvement really could use big jump back up in the statistics.

Also, do check out the other "Let's do it!"-projects, and their plans to take the "cleanup day" global: my del.icio.us bookmarks tagged "teemeära"

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