Sunday, February 08, 2009

Swedes in Estonia

This Friday evening I finally managed to catch up with the Swedes meeting every week in Hell Hunt! It's telling that I have been in Estonia for more than two years, I have heard that swedes go to Hell Hunt on some day every week, but I have just been too busy and content with my social life to bother to figure out more about them.

Actually, I tried googling and reading on the Swedish COC to figure out where and when I could find the swedes, with little luck. It amazes me how hard people make it to find some of their things! I hope the Swedes will allow me to at least somewhat enable the connections between people, a little bit like the OpenCoffee Club.

Meeting the people at Hell Hunt this Friday was so nice! It was so peculiar to hear Swedish guys ranting about soccer and just being guys with their snus and all, but it was also so good to meet genuine Swedes in Estonia. There is something about your nationality after all...

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jenny said...

Hello! I am a Sedish-speaking Finn and a journalist student planning a photo reportage on the "Estlandssvenskar". Do you know if they still meet up at the Hell Hunt? Please contact me through email:

Thanks in advence, eller varför inte på svenska: tack :)

Du hittar mig också på facebook.