Sunday, May 18, 2008

Renewing yourself (I've got another blog!)

"You keep spewing URLs at me, I would never be able to maintain such a web presence!"

Being online nowadays is not so much about having a homepage (frankly, I've got some abandoned ones like that laying around) but participating and being present wherever you want to. Myself I've got a pretty sizable online footprint, composed of profiles in various sites, content like my flickr pictures and my, but now also, not one, but two three blogs:
  • The emigrant blog - what you have been seeing for some time probably, started when I graduated and moved to Estonia from Sweden. I will still post here now and then about what's Estonian, Swedish and life journeys in general.
  • Uncle CJs blog - my new, mine and only mine personal blog where I will post all kinds of ramblings, great ideas and things which inspire me.
  • Carl-Johan's shared items - items out of blogs I read and feel like sharing with the rest of you through Google Reader.

All three blogs have RSS-feeds, so plug them into your reader right now and you'll never have to remember where they are again! (RSS of the emigrant blog, RSS of uncle cjs blog, RSS of carl-johan's shared items)

(Update: Philip mentioned to me that he subscribes to the RSS feed of my flickr pictures. "Huh?" - yeah, of course it has an RSS feed! That will however be the only update, I bet I have tons more of places which may have feeds as well, but it doesn't make sense to list them all.

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