Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lactating - now with a buzz!

Wired gadget lab blog (A happy place for nerds) writes:

It's hard to know just what to say about the Wine Rack, a bastardization of the Camelback hydration system that stores a full 750ml of liquid in a sports bra. Aimed at the kind of people who like to sneak hooch into concerts, games, etc., the thing also increases bust size by two cups.

Could this be just the thing to liven up a too-serious wine tasting? Or derail several years worth of therapy aimed at getting you past the oral stage? Or just inspire untold bad jokes?

Whatever, it's $30 and available in two sizes.

I just love this invention. And as they write - it's unlikely to be detected in any frisking as well.

In Sweden where alcohol sale in public places is only permitted in well-fenced areas to clients who are willing to prove that they are still sober enough to stand on one leg while whistling the anthem (though otherwise remaining quiet, the guards will beat them with retractable batons if not) and only then at 3-4 times the regular monopoly price... the Booze Bra is a given smash hit.

Any guys up for partying in drag by the way? :-)

In other news, I still have the same job, things are still as exciting, me and the girlfriend are finally renting an apartment of our own, and I still haven't figured out how to disconnect my (emigrant) blogger account from my gmail identity so I can't link to all the fun stuff I've been fiddling with recently.

Got to go, the girlfriend is steaming fractal cabbage!

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