Friday, November 17, 2006

Estonia has welcomed me!

Today I was at the inlaws' local municipal office to register my place of residence. For your information, Estonia in august passed new regulations that EU citizens need only register their right of residence, not any more actually apply for a residence permit. Residence needs to be registered in the office somewhere you can prove you have a place to live (well...), you then get your ID number and need to apply for an ID card with the migration authorities within maximum a month.

The meeting was a somewhat lengthy but cheerful one. To my disappointment I'm only the second non-estonian european citizen to register within that municipality, some british guy came before me. Anyhow, hands were shaken and I got an adorable frosted blue glass cup with the village shield on, a definite personal office item from now on.

Fig 1: Complimentary municipal cup

If it's hard to see in the picture, the village shield is a green and a blue field with a plant of bulrush (kaveldun) and two shuriken. I guess the bulrush is very local and characteristic, but the shuriken crack me up.


Arvid said...

Is that realy a shuriken on the cup? Isn't it simply a common star?

Arvid said...

"Green refers to the land and vegetation and symbolizes poise, hope and progress. Blue symbolizes peace, faith and truth and refers to many bodies of water in municipality. Colors refer also to the coat of arms of Tartumaa and Livonia. Cattail refers to swamps. Stars symbolize mental-light and purpose."

Karl Oskar said...

Duh! You killjoy, "mental-light and purpose", how much crappier isn't that than two shuriken?

Robert said...